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Forget about those wine rating point systems. We tell it like it is! 
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Thirsty Keith:
Educated by global wine experts, I find wine fascinating, never boring and ever changing. Every year Mother Nature brings us a new crop of grapes and the Wine Wizards have to figure out how to make the best wine they can. I usually do not agree with wine ratings. I have enjoyed many low rated wines and have often been disappointed by many high rated wines. Once a wine becomes highly rated its price skyrockets, but its taste does not. This site will concentrate on great affordable wines and key wine knowledge that you can use immediately to impress your friends and family!

SAVE THE CORK! Screw the screw cap! The cork is part of the entire wine experience. Pop & circumstance! Removing the foil & choosing your screw pull of choice. Hand, lever or battery operated. The exquisite sound of a cork popping. What sound does a screw cap make? What's next first growth's in a box! Save the cork!

TK Favorite Wines of 2015
2010 Steinbeck Crash $43
2010 Steinbec Voice $55
2010 Barr Malbec $27
2010 HUG Cedar lane Zinfandel $30
2012 Thacher Mouvedre $45
2011 Thacher Cuvee Kentucky Ranch $42
2012 Thacher Zinfandel $36
2011 Jada Jack of Hearts $52
2012 Jada Tannat $75
2012 J Dusi Zinfandel $36
2012 Poalillo Zinfandel $38

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Winery Passport App
Check out this new wine app! It has some great options that make it different from other wine apps. It is constantly being updated so be patient. Free or upgrade for $.99 cents to full version. I like the fact it is going to include all USA wineries not just California!